Genesis at the Crossroads’

Sounds of Healing


September 15 - December 31, 2021 (Online)
Cost: $25

Amidst all the noise and pain,
we invite you to zoom in on healing
with our multicultural musical program.

All proceeds and additional donations will be used towards Genesis programs addressing healing and the Genesis Peace Hub.
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”Healing comes from wholeness, so what are Its sounds? They are the sounds that emerge when we come to breathe and sing together in the spaciousness, resonance, and attunement of our shared humanity while listening with an open heart. Sounds of Healing modeled what we look and sound like when we invite the emergence of love to walk within and beside us.“

- Dr. Stephanie Pace Marshall
Founding President and President Emerita Illinois Math Science Academy

Wall of Healing

“If this is about healing, I’m feeling better already.... This is the kind of language people should be using to bring peace and strength to this world.”

- Cantor Moshe Bear
Livestream Audience Member

“Wendy and Everyone thank you for showing our youth a possible world with hope"

- Victor Araque
Father, Sounds of Healing youth participant
Bogota, Colombia (Fled Venezuela's conflict)

“Amazing talent from all over the world...singing and playing in harmony... Breathe healing sounds together. It’s time to heal now.”

- KatyD
Livestream Audience Member
Sounds of Healing

“The production of this harmonious program is superbly done with people across the globe.”

- Robin
Livestream Audience Member
Sounds of Healing




Join us for the World Premiere Rebroadcast with musicians from Brazil, Venezuela, Morocco, Israel/Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Congo & more...

A virtual performance featuring Saffron Caravan, Genesis' professional world music ensemble with Genesis' youth musicians from Chicago and other conflict areas worldwide.

Guest Artists:
Chicago Blues Vocalist & Keyboardist
American Actor

A Global Collaboration of Saffron Caravan and Youth Musicians from Chicago and Other Conflict Areas Worldwide

For the very first time in our 20-year history, Saffron Caravan, Genesis’ professional world music ensemble made up of artists from cultures in conflict, will be joined by youth musician graduates from the last five years of our Genesis Academy Summer Institutes. The youth are from Chicago and many different areas of conflict. (DR Congo, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Venezuela and more…)

All the students worked together virtually around the world to collaboratively compose four original songs for Sounds of Healing, one with  Saffron Caravan. For the remainder of the program material, Saffron Caravan artists did the same.

Saffron Caravan

Genesis at the Crossroads’ professional world music ensemble unites artists from Iran, Afghanistan, Cuba, Morocco, India, Israel/Palestine, Brazil, Venezuela and the US for cross-cultural collaborative performances, music education and roundtables on music, healing and peacebuilding. This program features:

Badi Assad

Lebanese-Brazilian Vocalist and Guitarist

Aaron Bensoussan

Moroccan Vocalist

Israeli/Palestinian/Dutch Oud Player

Javier Saume Mazzei

Venezuelan Percussionist

Wendy Sternberg, MD

Founder, Executive/Artistic Director, Saffron Caravan, Sounds of Healing, Genesis at the Crossroads

Guest Artists:

Stacy Keach

Actor, USA

Katherine Davis

Chicago’s Own Blues Legend

Tony Milano

Keyboardist, Chicago

The Genesis Academy Summer Institute Graduates

A leadership and peacebuilding educational program for high school-aged youth from Chicago and other global areas of conflict. They live and learn together in four curricular areas: Heroes and Human Rights, Music and Peacebuilding, Environmental Sustainability, and Peace Journalism. With the arts thread throughout the program, students work to explore their individual voice, collective humanity, and the daunting issues we all face here in Chicago and as a global community.



Victor Angel Araque Rangel

Venezuela / Colombia

Patrick Reponse

DR Congo / USA (Chicago)

Diego Madriz


Andrea Valentina Perez




Additional Student Performers:

Genesis Academy Summer Institute Graduates from 2015-2019



Veronica Urbina


Safiyah Simpkins




Andreina Conde


Socheata Hong




Inspired by the Poetry of:

We are honored to be able to use the lyrical poetry from these two acclaimed writers
for two original pieces in the Sounds of Healing repertoire.

Alberto Álvaro Ríos​

Mexican-American Poet/Professor

“A House Called Tomorrow”

Mark C. Johnson, PhD

American Poet/Global Peacebuilder

“Held in the Light”

Original Sounds of Healing Lyrics ​

All the students worked together virtually around the world to collaboratively
compose four original songs for Sounds of Healing. Saffron Caravan artists did the same.

House of Healing

by Faran

Es Tiempo de Sanar

by Roheena and Andrea Valentina Perez

Millions of Hearts

by Victor Angel Araque Rangel


by Roheena, Diego Madriz, and Andrea Valentina Perez

Sounds of Healing Production Team

Carlinhos Antunes

Felippe Jr

Vitor Loureiro

Badi Assad

Wendy Sternberg, MD

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Sounds of Healing

September 15 - December 31, 2021 (Online)

Join people from around the world in this one-of-a-kind event

Sounds of Healing Roundtable – The Power of Music

Why do we turn to music to soothe ourselves in times of heartache, to ease our burdens and help heal our pain?  Why does music enable us to find our center and feel joyous even when things are difficult?  How can the arts and our own creativity help us become more resilient, manage protracted challenges, and transcend our circumstances? (These are core components of social and emotional learning for all ages.) 

Join Saffron Caravan musiciansguest artists and Genesis Academy Summer Institute youth musicians from Chicago and around the world to explore the subject of healing more deeply in this live interactive discussion (facilitated by founder Dr. Wendy Sternberg.)  

Roundtable Format

Live Zoom call with 2-5 musicians & facilitator

Capacity: 10-20 participants

Duration: 90 minutes – 2 hours

Number: One roundtable event or multi-segmented programming

Participant pre-requisites:

  • Experience Sounds of Healing virtual program
    (80 minutes)
  • Technology for participants to access Zoom

Programs can be further tailored to your needs upon request. We also offer programming for the military and refugee organizations.

Special Programming


One or multi-segmented summer, semester, or year-long programming $5,000 USD/Roundtable; we do ask your school/institution to contribute 1/3 ($1,500) of the total cost

Nursing Homes

Roundtable cost varies depending on quantity of programs booked


Interested in getting together a group of 10-20 friends or colleagues? Please email us at

Sounds of Healing Global Lyrics Competition

Enter your original song lyrics.  Details coming soon.
Submission deadline: May 31, 2022

The top three entries will be turned into songs for a future performance

Help us bring more sounds of healing to the world

Register for
Sounds of Healing

September 15 - December 31, 2021 (Online)

Genesis at the Crossroads builds peaceful communities at the intersection of social justice, education and the arts.

We envision a world where cross-cultural artistic expression and collaboration serve as a catalyst for interethnic dialogue and innovation, global understanding, healing and world peace.  Our education and humanitarian initiatives sustain and further those bridges while nurturing global leadership.  Together, we foster a just world for all, honoring our collective humanity.

Over the past 20 years we have created and produced over 150 performance, education and arts-based humanitarian peacebuilding programs.  

Our future Genesis Peace Hub including a social entrepreneurship center, teaching farm, and sports and social change program will house all future Genesis peacebuilding programs.

We are a Chicago-based 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

Learn more about us at

Genesis at the Crossroads’

Sounds of Healing


Sounds of Healing is a multi-year array of performances and interdisciplinary work focused on arts, trauma and healing. Components include musical performances, music and dance programs, multimedia and sculpture exhibits with musical installation accompaniment.
Signature Cross-cultural, Collaborative, Middle-Eastern/North-African Festivals & Peacebuilding Education Programs
Cross-cultural, Collaborative, Middle-Eastern/North-African Festivals & Peacebuilding Education Programs

Expansion to two-day outdoor festivals. 

  • Original performance work tours across the US
  • Featured at the UN’s 60th Anniversary 
  • Showcased at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC
Saffron Caravan Tours the World

The Genesis World Music Ensemble is created and plays at Genesis’ HAMSA-Fest in Chicago, The Kennedy Center, The Rialto Theater, Casablanca, Morocco, Bosnia, throughout Israel/Palestine and the United States 

  • DuSable Museum of African American History (Chicago), 2019
  • Chicago Council on Global Affairs’ Forum on Global Cities, Adjunct Program, 2019
  • Featured at WBEZ/Chicago’s NPR Station’s 25th Anniversary, 2019
Genesis Academy Summer Institutes
World Premiere & Rebroadcast: Sounds of Healing (virtual concert)
Sounds of Healing Replay & In-Person Tour
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  • June 2022 in Chicago and Springfield
  • Fall 2022 in NYC, Philly and DC
  • International sites in 2022-24 TBA
    • South Africa, Rwanda and Ghana
    • UAE
    • Brazil
    • Austria, Germany and France
Genesis at the Crossroads’ Peace Hub Opens in Chicago

the sound of healing
is the sound of peace


We cherish and honor specific individuals who have made a significant difference to forward
Genesis at the Crossroads’ work of building peaceful communities that foster healing.

For the flagship SPOTLIGHT, we have chosen to illuminate

Mark Brunner

Though he is no longer with us, his legacy lives on…

Mike Pettersen

Wendy Sternberg, MD
Genesis at the Crossroads

Mark’s Family
Wife Jo Pangilinan & Sons Derek & Brandon


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We appreciate the global support of the Gandhi King Foundation

Building Peaceful Communities at the
Intersection of Social Justice, Education and the Arts
Since 1999

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The Essence of Arts Diplomacy™

Saffron Caravan, The Genesis World Music Ensemble unites professional musicians from Iran, Afghanistan, Cuba, Morocco, Israel/Palestine, India, Brazil, Venezuela and the United States to create new art and to perform together under the aegis of Genesis at the Crossroads. They demonstrate that the arts can be used to build sustainable bridges between cultures, made stronger through educational initiatives and collaborations with soloists, choirs and orchestras.

Their repertoire, spanning seven languages and multiple keys, explores both the sacred and mystical traditions in Arab, Jewish, Ladino and Persian music, infused with sub-Saharan roots of blues and jazz, spiced with Afro-Caribbean, South American and Southeast Asian rhythms.

Genesis at the Crossroads sustains the impact of Saffron Caravan’s performances through artist-in-residencies, interdisciplinary programs, music education, cross-cultural exchanges and humanitarian work.  

Following their programs in Morocco and Israel/Palestine, Saffron Caravan had an array of performances and music education classes:

  • Srebrenica, Bosnia – 20th anniversary year of the genocide in the former Yugoslavia
  • Across the US in 2015-16, (including Chicago and DC)
  • University of San Diego’s Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice, Art of Peace global conference opening performance.  Also included a roundtable on the role of arts in conflict transformation using Saffron Caravan as a case study. (2016)
  • On Chicago’s South side in 2017-2019 at Merit School of Music, Phillips Academy and Hyde Park’s Experimental Station, impacting over 500 students. Included an instrument drive with for Chicago’s at-risk south side and refugee youth
  • In Chicago, the 2018 world premiere of Journeys, showcased their interdisciplinary work with refugee youth dancers.
  • At DuSable Museum of African American History, (Smithsonian Museum in Chicago)
    • Featured as part of WBEZ Worldview’s 25th Anniversary
  • As a Chicago Council on Global Affairs’ Forum on Global Cities Adjunct Program. 

Sounds of Healing Tour 2020-2023 

Virtual programs:  December 19, 2020 and April 2021 (Date TBA) 

Live in-person performances in the pandemic’s aftermath in: India (Gandhi’s birthplace), US (Chicago, California, DC and Philadelphia), UAE, Brazil, Rwanda, Ghana, South Africa and parts of Europe, (UK, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands).  


On WBEZ (Chicago’s NPR Station):

Saffron Caravan was also featured on WTTW TV Chicago Tonight to over 1 million:


 2011 International Freedom to Create Prize Nominees


Aaron Cohen, The Chicago Tribune


“…a flawless blend of musical styles from around the globe.”
Tim Receveur, US Department of State, USINFO
The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, DC

“For members of the audience, what may have sounded strange and impossible mere hours before was happening before their eyes – a mix of old and new, East and West, musicians whose countries are at odds playing together and making beautiful music.  It seemed like the most natural sound in the world.”
Rebecca Baskin, The Jerusalem Post


Prior to Saffron Caravan, Genesis at the Crossroads’ cross-cultural collaborations were showcased at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC and were featured at the United Nation’s 60th Anniversary celebrations in addition to other programs across the United States.  Genesis made history creating and producing the first cross-cultural collaborative Middle Eastern – North African festival and grew it into the largest of its kind in the world.  The late actor Harold Ramis served as an Emcee and the late Maggie Daley, Chicago’s First Lady served as the Honorary Chair of Genesis’ flagship outdoor festival, HAMSA Fest.  

Read biographies of the full Saffron Caravan ensemble

Badi Assad

Sounds of Healing Musical Director
Saffron Caravan Vocalist and Guitarist

Badi has played an array of international concerts/festivals including innovative collaborations with Bobby McFerrin, Yo-Yo-Ma, Sarah McLaughlin and others.  She is also the Guitarist/Vocalist in Genesis at the Crossroads’ Saffron Caravan ensemble.  With 19 albums released worldwide, her CD, Wonderland was selected by the BBC London as among the 100 Best and’s 30 Best.  Guitar Player, selected her as one of the guitar players that would revolutionize the world.  In addition to reaching the Top 10 in Europe, her hit song, Waves was featured in the soundtrack of It Runs in the Family, featuring Michael and Kirk Douglas.  Awarded Best Composer of The Year (APCA/BR) for her CD, Between Love and Luck, she was also distinguished by Rolling Stone Magazine to be among the Brazilian guitar masters of history.  

Cantos de Casa, her children’s CD, won Trophy Cata-Vento for Best CD of the Year and her Pega no Coco won first prize for Best World Music Song at the USA International Songwriting Competition.  In 2014, Badi was commissioned by The Guitar Film Festival Marathon in New York to compose for the remake of the Chinese silent film, The Goddess (1934).  Invited to also serve in the role of Festival Curator, she not only performed her composition live at New York’s Merkin Hall, but also received a New York Times highlight as Best of the Festival.

She authored the book, Around the World in 80 Artists (Pólen Livros) which became a concert and more recently a solo CD album. The film, BADI directed by Edu Felistoque was named Best Film by The FestCine Maracanaú in Fortaleza, Brazil and Best Documentary by Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival (LABRFF), the biggest Brazilian Film Festival outside Brazil, among others.

Aaron Bensoussan

Born in the coastal city of Essaouira, Morocco, Aaron became the next generation of a revered Moroccan rabbinic dynasty.  His Grandfather, Rabbi Haim David Bensoussan was the Chief Rabbi of Morocco and his Great Grandfather, one of the most revered rabbis to emerge from the city of Fez.  According to the Encyclopedia Judaica, the Bensoussan Family traces itself back to Rabbi Yehuda Bensoussan, a teacher of Maimonides. Aaron studied the art of Sephardic liturgical music with his Father and other masters of Moroccan music, all of which colors his expansive repertoire.

His interest in both Ashkenazic and cantorial music began when he relocated to New York at the age of 14 to study at a Yeshiva, a Jewish religious day school.A graduate of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, he also studied at both Yeshiva University Belz School of Music and Queens College. He was fortunate to study with Master Cantors in both the Ashkenazic and Sephardic traditions including, the late Moshe Ganchoff, the late David Koussevitzky, Noach Schall, Daniel Gildar, the late Sammy Amzallag and Avraham Ben Haim. 

Aaron has performed in concerts and festivals all over the world, including the Jerusalem Theatre in Jerusalem, The Mann Auditorium in Tel Aviv and Carnegie Hall in New York City.One of his most satisfying, creative endeavors has been composing music combining Ashkenazic and Sephardic elements with Middle Eastern Rhythms, Jazz, Flamenco and pop grooves to masterfully weave a culturally rich musical tapestry. 

Encompassing these elements, his newly released CD, A New Journey, continues to receive rave reviews.  His renowned composition, L’cha Dodi, included on the Putumayo World Music Series, A Jewish Odyssey, has been sung in synagogues all over the world; countless cantors and singers have requested permission to record his compositions on their albums.  With many cantorial and pop recordings to his credit, Aaron’s repertoire includes his original compositions along with Judeo-Moroccan classics.  The New York Times called his singing, “stout and impassioned.”  For 25 years he served as Cantor for large prestigious congregations in both New York and Toronto.  Aaron relinquished his professional cantorial role on the synagogue altar to devote himself to delivering his message for peace from a larger “platform” — that of the world stage.

Haytham Safia

Safia’s music colorfully sources itself from his rich cultural past:  he was born into a Muslim family in Kafr Kasif, a Christian Village in Israel’s Northern Galilee, an area strongly influenced by its neighboring Druise community. A versatile and adventurous musician, Safia graduated from Jerusalem’s Academy of Music and Dance and turned to The Netherlands for further cross-cultural challenges. His CD’s: Promises, Blossoms, Fresh Moods and U’D showcase Safia’s oud-playing gifts, renowned for their precision and experimentation.  A talented and innovative composer, his latest quartet incorporates Oriental rhythms while respecting classical Western components.  With a contemporary approach to the Oud, Safia playfully manipulates recurring themes, underscoring traditional introductory and closing phrases.

Javier Saume Mazzei

A native of Caracas, Venezuela, Javier began playing percussion at the age of eight. He holds a B.A in Music from College of Performing Art, Roosevelt University. Javier has performed with Rhonda Richmond, Reginald Veal, Harlin Riley, Cassandra Wilson, Badi Assad, and the Symphony Orchestra “Sistema de Orquestas Juveniles de Venezuela”.  He has performed internationally in concerts, master classes, and residencies in Beijing, The Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall with Sones de Mexico Ensemble. He has recorded with Sones de Mexico, the only group in NARAS history to be nominated for the Latin Grammy and Grammy (2008.) Javier plays as a guest musician in the Ensemble Español Spanish Dance Theatre at North Eastern University Associate Institution and teaches percussion at People’s Music School. 

Wendy Sternberg, MD

Founder & Artistic/Executive Director, Saffron Caravan and Sounds of Healing, Genesis at the Crossroads

As the founder and creative engine behind Genesis at the Crossroads, Wendy designed all programs to date and continues to oversee production and implementation of performance/artistic programs, education and humanitarian initiatives worldwide.  She forged national/international partnerships with over 45 institutions and founded Saffron Caravan, Genesis’ professional world music ensemble uniting artists from Iran, Afghanistan, Cuba, Morocco, Israel, India, Brazil, Venezuela and the US for cross-cultural collaborative performance and educational programs.   

Since 2011, Sternberg has created and produced a body of inquiry-based salon programs on the intersection of human rights, human development and the role of the arts to help shape and inform a humanistic society and transform conflict.  One annual salon series focuses on women’s leadership.  She masterminds the creative development/management of the current Genesis Academy Summer Institutes for international youth leaders from areas of conflict as well as the future Genesis Peace Hub.  (Due to the pandemic, the Peace Hub’s Social Entrepreneurship Center will begin virtually in 2020 until the physical place-making of its Chicago’s South side campus comes to fruition.) 

Affectionately called a Doctor without a Border, her prior 20+ year career as a primary care internal medicine physician informs the healing aspects at the heart of Genesis at the Crossroads.  Under her leadership, Genesis boasts over 150 award-winning programs, internationally acclaimed by the UN, The Kennedy Center, Rotary, The King of Morocco, the British Council, the US Institute of Peace and the US Department of State.  A Rotary Peace Fellow and a Salzburg Global Seminar Fellow, Today’s Chicago Woman Magazine featured her as a Woman to Watch.  She was named one of the 10 Jewish Chicagoans of the Year and was a 2011 Charles Bronfman Prize Nominee.  Sternberg is a member of the Chicago Chapter of the Woods Fund – Kellogg Foundation’s Truth, Racial Healing, Transformation Task Force. On the celebratory occasion of the 150th anniversary of Gandhi’s birth, Sternberg was deeply honored to be chosen as the closing speaker, following the remarks of Gandhi’s Granddaughter, Nelson Mandela’s Daughter and Cesar Chavez’s Grandson at the Gandhi 150:  A Legacy of Peace 2019 program in Chicago.  She recently gave a keynote for the Gandhi King Foundation’s August 2020 virtual peace program in India at the University of Hyderabad.  

In the face of the pandemic, she retooled Genesis’ 2006 Art of Healing initiative into a cross-cultural collaborative health and wellness program with a focus on arts, trauma and healing.  It features multiple virtual and in-person programs over the next few years (Sounds of Healing).  Among other written work, publications include:  For the Sake of Humanity; Research on Cross-Cultural Collaborative Arts for Public Health, Chapter in The Oxford Handbook of Methods for Public Scholarship, Oxford Press (2018).

Sternberg graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in French Literature.  She received her Doctor of Medicine from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine with field work in public health in Chennai, India.  She completed her Internal Medicine Residency Program at the University of Chicago.  

Stacy Keach

Actor, Author

Sounds of Healing Dramatic Reading of the poem, A House Called Tomorrow 

Stacy Keach is a pre-eminent American interpreter of Shakespeare, with notable performances as Hamlet, Henry V, Coriolanus, Falstaff, Macbeth, Richard III, and King Lear.  Recently, when the Coronavirus struck, and after zooming the title role in an adaptation of King Lear, he and his wife, Malgosia, formed StacyKeachZoomTheater. Since then he has zoomed Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Hughie, The Unexpected Man, and most recently, David Storey’s Home

Performance honors include: a Best Actor Golden Globe, three Obies, three Vernon Rice Awards, two Drama Desk Awards, three Helen Hayes Awards, the Millennium Recognition Award, the Shakespeare Will Award, nominations for Emmy and Tony Awards, and most recently, the International Satellite Mary Pickford Lifetime Achievement Award.  In 2015, he was inducted into the American Theatre Hall of Fame and in 2019 he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of FameFilmography includes: Gotti, Truth, Gold, Fat City, Nebraska, If I Stay, Bourne Supremacy, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, The Ninth Configuration, Doc, Up In Smoke, American History X, The Long Riders, and The New Centurions. His TV series include:  Mike Hammer, Titus, Two and a Half Men, Blue Bloods Prison Break, NCIS: New Orleans, and The Blacklist, Man with a Plan, and American Greed. He is the author of All in All, his award-winning memoir.  

For the past sixteen years, Stacy has served on the Artistic Advisory Board of Genesis at the Crossroads, a non-profit organization dedicated to the bringing together cultures in conflict through collaborative arts, education and social justice initiatives.  

Katherine Davis

Jazz and Blues Singer, Songwriter, Actress and Educator

Katherine Davis’ life as a singer, songwriter, actress, and teacher is imbued with music. Whether she is portraying Bessie Smith or Ma Rainey on stage, appearing with piano accompaniment at a nightclub, fronting a large band, or singing for the Lord, Katherine steers her own course. Her command of various musical styles is saturated in blue. Katherine’s unique musical approach was nurtured from within by her circle of family and close friends. 

Her Mother was from a family of jazz performers and opera singers.  She loved to sing and wanted to be a professional vocalist, though she dedicated her life to her family. Katherine remembers hearing her Mother’s side of the family recount the stories of her Grandfather, Earl Campbell, performing with legends Louis Armstrong and Count Basie. Katherine’s father’s side of the family threw house parties all the time, during which the children were the only live performers.  If a child sang or danced, family and friends would throw money at his or her feet. She was raised on the music of Ella Fitzgerald, Pearl Bailey, Nancy Wilson, Dinah Washington, Brook Benton, Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Mahalia Jackson, Etta James, and Arethra Franklin.  Katherine was also exposed to and inspired by the opera singers in her family. 

She studied opera at the Sherwood Conservatory of Music under the direction of Maria D’ Albert. In studying opera, Katherine was laying the groundwork for her repertoire’s singular and all-encompassing musical style and diversity.  Raised in Chicago’s infamous Cabrini-Green housing project on Chicago’s North side, Katherine and her family moved to the Englewood on Chicago’s South side in 1967. The move proved a good one for Katherine, as it provided exposure to an array of jazz and blues clubs. Within the jazz scene, there was a subscene wherein singers and musicians would perform for stage productions. A friend suggested that she audition for an acting part in a play produced by Kuumba Theatre for which Katherine was cast. She went on to play Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith to critical acclaim in Kuumba Theatre’s production of In the Heart of the Blues, garnering the attention of luminaries who advanced her career.  She was soon singing in jazz and blues clubs, festivals and concerts throughout the U.S., Canada, Japan, Europe, the Caribbean and Venezuela. Her appearance with the Blues in the Schools children at the 1997 Chicago Blues Festival led to ongoing involvement as an instructor in the Blues in the Schools Program right alongside harmonica virtuoso, Billy Branch. 

Within the course of an evening, Katherine’s voice can span the gamut from sweet and sultry to lowdown and dirty. She can phrase like Billie Holiday, scat like Ella, and growl like Howlin’ Wolf.  Katherine is accompanied throughout Dream Shoes, her first CD (Chicago’s Southport Records)  by some of Chicago’s top jazz and blues musicians, such as piano players Erwin HeIfer and Joe Johnson, bassists Nate Stuart, Tatsu Aoki, John Whitfield and Cecile Savage, saxophonist Will Sims, and Isaac Redd Holt, Phil Thomas and Casey Jones on drums. John Barrett of Jazz USA wrote of the CD: “While apparently simple, this album speaks volumes – that’s true of the best music, and the best dreams.” Noted Chicago Tribune critic Dan Kening added, “If there’s any justice in this world, the delicious melange of vintage blues and jazz on Dream Shoes will raise the profile of veteran Chicago singer Katherine Davis as a recording artist.” 

Katherine continues to perform at clubs and concert venues at home in Chicago, and around the world. In January 2000, she was chosen to accompany Mayor Richard J. Daley to help represent the City of Chicago at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. She performed there at the diplomatic reception. In the late 1980s her visage was immortalized on a 16-foot tall billboard that adorns the corner of Ohio and Orleans recognizing her contributions. Mayor Lightfoot recently bestowed upon her the 2020 Chicago Esteemed Artist Award.

Tony Milano


Accompaniment for Genesis’ Sounds of Healing’s version of Sweet Home Chicago

Tony Milano is a Chicago-born keyboardist performing, producing, and experimenting with jazz, neo-soul and electronic genres. Rooted in the blues, Milano studied with Chicago blues legends Katherine Davis and Erwin Helfer when he was eight years old. Milano has also studied with Willie Pickens, Ed Simon, and Robert Irving III, to name a few.  In his high school career, he became actively involved with the Chicago Jazz Institute Student Council, which gave him opportunities to represent the City at venues/festivals such as Millennium Park’s Pritzker Pavilion and the Chicago Jazz Festival. He was also involved at the renowned Merit School of Music and Chicago Public Schools Advanced Arts Program, Gallery 37.  Following high school, he attended the Oberlin Conservatory and graduated from University of the Pacific’s Brubeck Institute. 

Milano is equally active in creating popular music, as he is in creating jazz-based and blues-based music. He has worked with pop artists such as Omar Apollo, members from Chance the Rapper’s band, Carter Lang, and many others. Aside from fluency leaping between genres, Milano is consistently creating music that draws from different influences to innovate blended genres. Equally invested in giving as much he is invested in creating, his passion for teaching inspired him to work on a project that focuses on community building while providing musical resources for youth. Upon graduating college, Milano gained further experience as a community leader through teaching music classes to high school and middle school students in a neglected area of Stockton, California. Milano seeks to make his mark creating his own original works and collaborating with a diverse array of artists, all while helping youth and strengthening music communities.

The Genesis Academy Summer Institute

British Documentary Film Clip:

91.5 FM WBEZ - Chicago’s NPR Station​

Featured the Genesis Academy Summer Institute in 2018 and 2019

The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

Our global community partner, The Pulitzer Center published the students’ peace journalism work and shared it with the world (From 2019)

Muhammad Faran

Born and raised in Pakistan, Faran is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Computer Technology from Bilkent University in Turkey. While he focuses on his undergraduate studies, he also enjoys exploring Turkey and its beautiful culture, adding to his diverse experiences growing up in different Pakistani cities, eventually spending his teenage years in Peshawar, the “City of Flowers.” Before his very own eyes, he has seen the “City of Flowers” become the city of bombs and terror. 

Faran deeply associates the City of Chicago with his own personal development, having spent a year there from 2014-15 as an exchange student/ambassador with the US Department of State Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange Program.   His fondness for the city grew even more when he attended the 2016 Genesis Academy Summer Institute and left inspired, moved, and motivated, all thanks to what he believed was an experience of a lifetime. In Chicago, at the Genesis Academy Summer Institute, he learned that much can be done to reclaim peace and to unite diverse people. He learned that artistic, and particularly musical appeal can have tremendous power in bringing people together. 

While he soars through his life and lives every experience to the fullest, he always thinks of achieving peace and solidarity while fostering feelings of community. While he familiarizes himself with new technologies, he continues to dabble in music, including the rabab, a string instrument native to Afghanistan, Turkey and other neighboring countries.  Like many others, Faran recognizes the seeds of peace within him, ready to be sown, ready to bloom.

Born and raised in Pakistan, Faran is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Computer Technology from Bilkent University in Turkey. While he focuses on his undergraduate studies, he also enjoys exploring Turkey and its beautiful culture, adding to his diverse experiences growing up in different Pakistani cities, eventually spending his teenage years in Peshawar, the “City of Flowers.” Before his very own eyes, he has seen the “City of Flowers” become the city of bombs and terror. 

Faran deeply associates the City of Chicago with his own personal development, having spent a year there from 2014-15 as an exchange student/ambassador with the US Department of State Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange Program.   His fondness for the city grew even more when he attended the 2016 Genesis Academy Summer Institute and left inspired, moved, and motivated, all thanks to what he believed was an experience of a lifetime. In Chicago, at the Genesis Academy Summer Institute, he learned that much can be done to reclaim peace and to unite diverse people. He learned that artistic, and particularly musical appeal can have tremendous power in bringing people together. 

While he soars through his life and lives every experience to the fullest, he always thinks of achieving peace and solidarity while fostering feelings of community. While he familiarizes himself with new technologies, he continues to dabble in music, including the rabab, a string instrument native to Afghanistan, Turkey and other neighboring countries.  Like many others, Faran recognizes the seeds of peace within him, ready to be sown, ready to bloom.

Victor Angel Araque Rangel

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Victor attended a music conservatory for six years in Venezuela, playing and performing on piano.  He and his family were forced to flee to Colombia in 2016 due to Venezuela’s escalating political and socioeconomic crisis.  His exodus took place just following his participation in the 2016 Genesis Academy Summer Institute.   It was at the Genesis leadership and peace education program that he first made contact with so many diverse cultures and first learned the importance of peacebuilding and methods to work on achieving it, especially those integrating social justice efforts with the arts. He was the youngest participant ever to be in the Genesis program, having just turned 15 when it began.  Following the program, he created an original project for his high school International Baccalaureate degree based on this notion of music for peace with musical compositions and reflections to help resolve conflicts among young students and guide them towards promoting peace.  He subsequently graduated from Gimnasio de Norte High School with an International Baccalaureate diploma. 

Passionate about applied science and engineering, he is currently in his third semester of Computer Engineering at La Universidad de La Sabana in Colombia.  He recently began teaching young students in mathematics, physics and chemistry.  His fascination with other cultures also led him to study French and German with the aim of specializing in languages from those countries.   Among his other hobbies, Victor enjoys sports and is both an avid karate and volleyball player.

Patrick Reponse

Patrick came to Chicago when he was eight as a refugee fleeing violent conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  He attended Alcott College Preparatory High School in Chicago, graduating in 2018.  While there, he was the recipient of the 2015 Raised Voices Award for his original workshop speech.  He was also named Most Improved Player for Boys’ Soccer (2014-15) as well as Boys’ Track and Field (2015-16). During his high school years, Patrick was deeply involved in Marwen’s visual arts program, wherein he created an entire professional portfolio, including photographic essays of his original work.  He subsequently served as a Marwen volunteer video-editing student projects.  

Patrick is currently a Junior at Columbia College Chicago on scholarship studying photojournalism.    He worked as part of the photography staff for The Chronicle, Columbia College Chicago’s school paper.   While pursuing his degree, he also works part-time as a professional freelance photographer capturing a variety of subject matter including engagements and weddings.  In June 2020, his photograph of one of the Black Lives Matter protests in Chicago was published by the Chicago Sun Times. Patrick aspires to connect his passion for photojournalism with his interest in both environmental sustainability and human rights.  He is a graduate of the 2017 Genesis Academy Summer Institute.

Dieoge Madriz

Currently a student of Economics at the Central University of Venezuela, Diego has dedicated himself to defending human rights and promoting a culture of peace in Caracas’ diverse communities by leveraging the power of both the arts and education.

In the capacity of volunteer, Diego has been involved with several different NGO’s in Venezuela.  In 2018, for Friends of the Child Foundation that Deserve Protection (FUNDANA), he taught child victims of abandonment, neglect and abuse, including sexual abuse. in 2019, with the NGO Opportunity (Oportunidad A.C.), he was part of multiple theatrical productions primarily targeting the low-income Venezuelan “barrios” population to help raise their awareness of the processes of reconciliation and forgiveness. 

Since the beginning of his university studies, Diego has participated in several extra-curricular activities which advocate for the defense of student rights, motivating students to go beyond their comfort zone and achieve personal growth. His own varied roles this year have included:  Delegate to the Model United Nations UCVWorldMUN, Social Media Secretary for GeneraciónUCVista, and Active Member of Gestión Economía UCV, the latter two being the most important student associations at the Central University of Venezuela.

His participation in the 2018 Genesis Academy Summer Institute was one of the most meaningful experiences of his life. Even though his dedication to make the world a better place began when he was just a young child, the Summer Institute gave him agency and helped him clarify his particular focus areas:  namely human rights and peacebuilding. During the Summer Institute, Diego was featured on 91.5 FM WBEZ, Chicago’s NPR station to discuss his role in Genesis’ program.  His collaborative peace journalism blog from the Genesis Academy Summer Institute examining the issues affecting Chicago’s homeless was published on the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting’s website to the world.  In addition, Diego’s confidence grew exponentially from the program, such that he found the courage and inspiration needed to begin working and become more involved in his home communities.  He came to profoundly understand that his age did not have to be an impediment to his global contributions as a youth activist.  Wherever he is and whatever he does, Diego always hears and responds to Mahatma Gandhi’s imperative:  Be the change you want to see in the world.

Andera Valentina Perez

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Andrea graduated from Madison Academy High School in 2019. As a little girl, she expressed such a deep interest in the arts and music that she consequently received a creativity-based education along with Flamenco dance lessons from that point onwards.  Captivated by folkloric Hispanic music movements, Andrea recently began studies in Latin American music accompanied by vocal lessons both to forward her goal of building a foundation for her future career in music and creativity. 

After her experience as a participant in the 2018 Genesis Academy Summer Institute, a global leadership and peacebuilding educational program for next-generation youth from areas of conflict, she came to realize her desire to further explore how the arts can be used to promote peace, especially in the field of human rights.  Her collaborative peace journalism blog from the Genesis Academy Summer Institute examining the issues around xenophobia was published on the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting’s website to the world.  Following the program, Andrea began working on her ground-breaking creative project, Alas (Wings) which explores issues of identity and childhood spent in the midst of civic unrest and state-sanctioned violence. It includes a compilation of short poems and songs, including those in the folkloric Spanish tradition, Nana.  

She was a presenter/performer in the Arts and Creativity segment of the 2019 Genesis at the Crossroads’ Women’s Leadership Salon in Chicago, “How Can Women’s Leadership Critically Shape the 21st Century?”

In the future, Andrea looks forward to not only creating more songs inspired by Latin American music, but also starting her university studies, majoring in communications.  She aspires to become a voice for Latin American human rights issues.

Roheena Madni

Roheena recently graduated from the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi with an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences and Liberal Arts. While pursuing her major in psychology, she took on the role of research assistant in the Department of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts. During her tenure there, she worked on two research projects, one of which revolves around behavioral psychology that navigates the veiling practice among Pakistani Muslims; her work is soon to be published.

From community welfare activities to environmental sustainability projects, Roheena has spent a considerable time giving back to society. In 2018, she represented Pakistan in a global competition wherein her team presented a product idea based on the notion of sanitation without water. The proposed product was a diffusible ball that could be used in toilets as a substitute for water, thereby saving billions of liters of water annually. The product idea turned out to be a potentially promising solution to global water shortage issues and placed in the top three ideas presented worldwide.  

She is currently employed at a leading consumer packaged goods company as the Group HR Excellence and Innovation Lead, where she works on corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects, employee engagement, corporate communication, and public relations. She is also a strong advocate for nurturing emotional and mental well-being in the workplace.  She plans to attend graduate school for her Master’s Degree in Psychology in the near future.  

Roheena seeks inspiration from the smallest of things and aspires to inspire the biggest of changes. In addition to being an alumna of the flagship 2015 Genesis Academy Summer Institute, she was also selected as the Junior Staff Member for the 2017 Genesis Academy Summer Institute where she contributed towards participants’ personal growth along with their leadership development. She embraces Genesis’ mission and passionately looks forward to dedicating her efforts to the Genesis Academy and Peace Hub in the near future.

Alberto Álvaro Ríos​

Rios is an American academic and writer who is the author of ten books and chapbooks of poetry, three collections of short stories, and a memoir. In 2013, Rios was named Arizona’s first state poet laureate, a position he held until 2015. Ríos is a Regents’ Professor at Arizona State University, where he has taught since 1982 and where he holds the further distinction of the Katharine C. Turner Endowed Chair in English. 

Ríos is the recipient of the Western Literature Association Distinguished Achievement Award, the Arizona Governor’s Arts Award, fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts, the Walt Whitman Award, PEN/Beyond Margins Award, the Western States Book Award for Fiction, six Pushcart Prizes in both poetry and fiction, and inclusion in The Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry. His memoir about growing up on the Mexico-Arizona border, called Capirotada, won the Latino Literary Hall of Fame Award and was designated the OneBookArizona choice for 2009.  In 2014, he was elected a Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets. 

A House Called Tomorrow

Alberto Ríos – 1952-

You are not fifteen, or twelve, or seventeen—
You are a hundred wild centuries

And fifteen, bringing with you
In every breath and in every step

Everyone who has come before you,
All the yous that you have been,

The mothers of your mother,
The fathers of your father.

If someone in your family tree was trouble,
A hundred were not:

The bad do not win—not finally,
No matter how loud they are.

We simply would not be here
If that were so.

You are made, fundamentally, from the good.
With this knowledge, you never march alone.

You are the breaking news of the century.
You are the good who has come forward

Through it all, even if so many days
Feel otherwise.  But think:

When you as a child learned to speak,
It’s not that you didn’t know words—

It’s that, from the centuries, you knew so many,
And it’s hard to choose the words that will be your own.

From those centuries we human beings bring with us
The simple solutions and songs,

The river bridges and star charts and song harmonies
All in service to a simple idea:

That we can make a house called tomorrow.
What we bring, finally, into the new day, every day,

Is ourselves.  And that’s all we need
To start.  That’s everything we require to keep going. 

Look back only for as long as you must,
Then go forward into the history you will make.

Be good, then better.  Write books.  Cure disease.
Make us proud.  Make yourself proud.

And those who came before you?  When you hear thunder,
Hear it as their applause.

Copyright © 2018 by Alberto Ríos

Mark C. Johnson

The former Executive Director of the Fellowship of Reconciliation/USA, Dr. Johnson was a graduate of Ohio’s College of Wooster holding a Doctorate in Sociology from Columbia University, with alternative service as a conscientious objector in Lebanon, living and teaching in Beirut for six years. He served as Executive Director of the YMCA Silver Bay Association Conference and Training Center, and as a volunteer in environmental, arts, peace and social justice organizations. For over six years, he was active with the Alliance for Middle East Peace and has supported the development of leadership and training programs for young adults at the Jerusalem International YMCA, as a member of the staff of the YMCA of the USA.  Mark served on non-profit boards of Associated Solo Artists/Creative Leaps International, Schools That Can and the International Student Exchange Program, the Advisory Boards of Girls Learn International and Whole Women Healing and was an Executive Committee Member of the Leadership Forum. He participated in an inter-faith dialogue trip to Tehran. 

Prior to his untimely death just recently this October 2020, Mark served for 14 years on the Genesis at the Crossroads Advisory Board of Directors.  He was a prolific poet having written thousands of poems during his lifetime.  Over the last nine months, he worked with Genesis’ founder and director to co-create and frame the programmatic and educational offerings at the Mark C. Johnson Memorial Poetry Center to be situated at the Genesis Peace Hub in Chicago.  Prior to his death, he bequeathed the entirety of his private poetry collection of over 640 volumes of master poets to Genesis at the Crossroads.  

May his memory be for a blessing and may he rest in peace for all time.

Held in the Light by Mark C. Johnson

This is the Light

I am being held in.


Mysteries are manifold

So much I will never understand

And need not

To be at peace

Only rest in awe

And gratitude.


A heart beating in the quickened fetus,

The signaling comet crossing the universe.


There is no beginning

No end

But endless beginnings


Migrations of form

And qualities

And conservation

Of energy.


Time and space are constructs which put stardust in my bones

Ideas put into Words follow Laws outside of Mathematics or Alphabets.


Many take great comfort

In a story told a certain way

Consider it truth

I celebrate them

For me it is the Word

Where imagination

Is incarnated

Given moral authority

Where possibilities are found



Beauty in its brilliance when it is named

Lifts my soul even as I let go and soar

Becoming Light a simple mystery.

© 2020 by Mark C. Johnson PhD

Millions of Hearts

Lyrics by Victor Angel Araque Rangel
Arrangement by Badi Assad and Carlinhos Antunes

Do something and don’t be deaf
Don’t let people get mute
Until we start being brothers and sisters
We won’t finish this dispute
We can’t stop walking
I know it’s hard
But the sun keeps shining bright

I can heal (2x)
I have faith
One mission for millions of hearts

If you are hearing this
Please, love my uniqueness
I don’t want to be like anyone else
It’s my strength, not my weakness
We know well, the world keeps turning right

I can heal (2x)
I have faith

One mission for millions of hearts
One mission for billions of hearts
One mission for trillions of hearts

© 2020 Genesis at the Crossroads

House of Healing

Lyrics by Faran
Arrangement by Badi Assad and Carlinhos Antunes

A thorny, dark road
We’ve walked on for so long
Clawed on by the bush of hate
Divided and alone
In the hovering mist of intolerance
Feet bruised by the pointy pebbles of greed
Yet we walk
We walk, far in the distance

Glistens the porch light of
A warm wooden house.
In there, we’ll find
Many like us
Bruised, cut, broken, yet walking (2x)

In the house are sweet symphonies
In the house is human touch
In that house are many like us
Waiting for us
Waiting for us
Scared and tired we walk
Towards the burning porch light of
The House of Healing

© 2020 Genesis at the Crossroads

Es Tiempo de Sanar

Lyrics by Roheena and Andrea Valentina Perez
Arrangement by Andrea Valentina Perez

Shattered heart
Nibbling pain
Dry eyes
Numb mind

Enough to say
It’s a process
Our hearts seek
To redefine

Da tu mano
para avanzar
Tiempo de sanar

Ponte a escuchar a tu hermano
Porque al final
Tiempo de sanar

How it must feel
And heal itself
With strength and courage
Every time

Rejoice oh you!
The one broken,
That you’ll be stronger
That you’ll be fine.

It’s time to heal (multiple x)
Urdu – Roheena (Pakistan)
Spanish – Victor Angel Araque Rangel (Colombia)
Portuguese – Badi Assad (Brazil)
Dari – Azar (Afghanistan)
Pashtun- Faran (Pakistan)
French – Diego Madriz (Venezuela)
Hebrew – Aaron Bensoussan (Moroccan-Jewish)
Arabic – Haytham Safia (Israel/Palestine)

© 2020 Genesis at the Crossroads


Lyrics by Roheena, Diego Madriz, and Andrea Valentina Perez
Composition & Arrangement by Badi Assad, Carlinhos Antunes, and Andrea Valentina Perez

Mother Earth is in danger
If we don’t do anything
We’ll lose it, Let’s work and save it

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Reduce, reusa, recicla
Réduire, réutiliser, recycler…

It doesn’t matter in which language you say it

These 3 Rs could heal our planet
Youth around the world won’t stop
Until Earth isn’t in danger
Will you join us?
Youth is our hope. We are not alone. We are going to win this war

Once that I’m old
I’m going to regret
Everything we’ve done to Mother Earth.

Let them know she is gone,
the one who had given up.
She carved her cloak of guilt

Doing nothing doesn’t work
Being careless is even worse
But what I really know
Is we can’t handle more

Let them know she is ready to live a life
Who knows how hard it’ll be?
She knows of thorns along the way,
the most she’ll be is scarred.
But she’ll live ‘til seasons heal her wounds,
and go beyond the doors, long barred

Mother Earth is calling her children
Mother Earth is calling her children
Listen, listen, listen now

You could feel alone
You might think I’m done
Think about the future
that is coming for us

Una cosa te diré
Y es que nunca dejaré
de lucharte o valorarte
A pesar de lo que crees

Curarte o dañarte
La pregunta del millón
Deterioro constante
O sanarte y ayudarte

Tenemos tiempo

Have hope, Mother!
You’ll win this fight

Mother Earth is calling her children
Mother Earth is calling her children
Listen, listen, listen now

Mother Earth is calling her children
Mother earth is calling her children
Listen, listen listen now

© 2020 Genesis at the Crossroads

Carlinhos Antunes

Sounds of Healing Musical Arrangement

Carlinhos Antunes, a musician of national and international repute, graduated from the São Caetano Arts Foundation.  He also holds a degree in music history from Pontificia Universidade Catolica – Sao Paulo. He plays guitar, viola, tiple, charango, quatro, kora n’goni, saz, and varied percussion instruments. An ethnomusicologist by nature, his travels allow him to research sounds from different parts of the world, (including Brazil,) to incorporate them in his diverse musical ventures.  

He has published over 25 works for CD, DVD, and documentary film. He is the director of the 15-year old Mundana Orchestra, which in 2017, rebranded as the Mundana Refugi Orchestra showcasing 22 musicians from Brazil and various parts of the world from the Refugi Project. Comprised of musicians from Iran, Palestine, Syria, DR Congo, China, Cuba, France, Guinea, Tunisia, and Turkey, their 2017 CD recording was released by the SESC label.  

Working in the capacity of solo artist, ensemble member and festival participant, Antunes has visited over 45 countries including Peru, Chile, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Cuba, France, England, Scotland, Wales, Holland, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain (where he lived for five years), Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Morocco, Burkina Faso, and Suriname.  In São Paulo, he performed in some of the most prestigious concert halls including Sala São Paulo, Espaço das Américas, Tom Brasil, Ibirapuera Auditorium, SESC Pompéia, and Teatro Municipal. In 2008, he returned to Burkina Faso to perform at the Kuitsougou Nuits Atypiques Festival and present his documentary. In 2010, he participated in Scotland’s Celtic Connections where he received 5-star reviews from several local newspapers, TV outlets and BBC Radio. As a musician, he continues to regularly tour Brazil and other parts of Latin America, Europe, and Africa. 

He has served as Secretary of Culture of the Municipality of Diadema (1982), Coordinator of the Adoniram Barbosa Project (1996-97), Cultural Advisor of the Campinas Metalworkers Union (1987-89), Creator and Artistic Director of the TERSARAU Projects, ENCONTRO É TEMPO, SANFONIA DA METRÓPOLE, Festa Lorca, Latinidades, Orquestra Mediterranêa, São Paulo dos Peoples, Director of MUSICAMP (Assoc. Musicians of Campinas)(1989) and professor of music and Brazilian culture.

In his prolific 41-year career, he has acted and recorded with some of the greats from Brazil and abroad who include:  Tom Zé,  Fátima Guedes, Filó Machado, Grupo Tarancón, Badi Assad from Brazil, Susana Baca from Peru, Carlos Nuñes and Canisares from Spain, Paul Winter from USA, Mahala Räi Band and Ionel Manole Trio (Taraf de Haidouks) from Romania, Isabel Parra and Tita Parra from Chile, Caracas Son Siete from Venezuela, Samir and Wissan Jubran from Palestine, Antonio Chainho from Portugal, Siwan Perver from Kurdistan, Group 4SHURE from Holland, Pascal Lefeuvre from France, Petros Tabourius from Greece, Xabi Lozano from Spain, Tenors of Bitti from Italy, Bilja Bistri from Serbia, Djiguiya from Burkina Faso, Chris Stout from Scotland, among many other artists. 

CDs, DVDs and Documentaries recorded in Brazil and abroad:

CD Caravan Refugi Selo Circus, 2019

CD Orquestra Mundana Refugi- live Selo SESC, 2018

CD Kerlaveo, Dec. 2017

Violet Terna Y Eterna, 2016

About All Strings, Sept. 2014

Violeta Terna and Eterna, Oct. 2014

Muvuca (Daqui-France seal), 011/2012

Live in Glasgow (Scotland), 2011/2012

Ópera das Pedras, (Brazil Sesc Stamp) with Badi Assad, Naná Vasconcelos et al, 2011

Original Quartet – Antunes, Rohrer, Barossi, Stout (Scotland-Brazil), 2010

Carlinhos Antunes and Pascal Lefeuvre Duo (France-Brazil), 2006

Atlantic Trio (France-unpublished), 2007

Mundana Orchestra live (Brasil-Tratore), 2006

Live Mediterranean Orchestra (Brazil-Sesc Stamp), 2006

Mundano (Brasil-Lua Music), 2003

Landscape Ballerina (Brasil-Lua Music), 1996 and 2002

Samambaia, (Spain) Dodo Records, 1992

Mama Hue-Grupo Taráncon, (musician and arranger), Continental label, 1987

DVDs and Documentaries:

DOC. Orquestra Mundana Refugi – SESC TV, November 2017

Carlinhos Antunes and Orquestra Mundana, live on Aud. Ibirapuera, 2010; 

Barka-Documentário, (Explored music and education in Africa, SESC TV) 2010

Seven days in Burkina, (music and education in Africa,) SESCTV, 2008

Orquestra Mediterrânea, SESC label, 2006

Índios Kalapalo, SESC label soundtrack with Sergio Bartolo, 2006


Songs of Rain, Earth, and Desire, Pialc-Publishing, 2019

Without Borders – six booklets on music of the world

Numerous texts on history and music, 1985-1987

Felippe Jr

Sounds of Healing Visual Arts Producer and Director

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Felippe Jr. started working when he was 14 years old at Editora Abril, the largest publishing house, renowned for the country’s best graphic design. There, he took several courses in printing, color study, layout, final art and graphic design.  During his 10 years devoted to Editora Abril, Felippe worked on various segments of several magazines, including five years at Revista Nova, the best magazine serving a predominantly female readership. 

At the age of 24, he participated in the editing of Editora Globo, of Grupo Globo de Televisão, Brazil’s largest national TV network.  At the age of 25 he became the Art Editor for Editora’s fashion magazines, participating in all of its special projects.  Three years later, he transferred to TV-A, Grupo Abril’s subscription TV, creating the magazine’s second graphic project targeted for subscribers to ultimately lead the project with Gráfica to create Brazil’s first fully digitalized magazine.  At 33 years of age, he returned to Editora Globo to lead the service magazine project, Ponto & Arte. The year following, he opened his own studio, Duo Artes Gráficas, making a series of magazines for target markets, including numerous medical and psychology magazines, among them, Editora Pinus and others. 

Numerous other projects included graphic design for the magazines Polo, Golf and Yacht, all niched for the luxury market.   His iconic design work has been featured in the decorative arts sections of multiple architectural exhibitions.  In markets abroad in Argentina, he implemented Revista Gênios Brasil for children. He also crafted the Museum of Art in São Paulo’s visual communication for several major exhibitions, including Sigmar Polke, Lucian Freud, Foreign Papers and others.  For Fapesp Magazine, he masterminded creative visual communications and executed notorious performances for gastro-perfomance artist, Simone Mattar.  In 2020, he has dedicated a great deal of his creative energy producing and managing all visual communications including online and video content for Brazil’s legendary musician, Badi Assad.

Vitor Loureiro

Sounds of Healing Sound Engineer,
Caverno do Audio

Born in São Paulo in 1992, Vitor Loureiro began electric guitar lessons in his early childhood and some years later, borrowed an old electric bass from his Father and became self-taught.  His studies in classical guitar at Faculdade Santa Marcelina University furthered his passion and greatly influenced both his musicality and technique.  He was already completely involved with music when he fell in love with sound engineering.

In 2012, Vitor began working at the music studio, Estúdio Arsis as a freelancer assistant recording engineer. It was there that he had the opportunity to work on Grammy-nominated “Festa na Roça” (Toninho Ferragutti and Neymar Dias).  He worked on sound engineering for the Oratorio Society of NY at Auditório do Ibirapuera recording, and at numerous other venues.

As an international performer, Loureiro played with Ulisses Rocha in many renowned Brazilian festivals, including Ilhabela in Jazz and Festival do Vale do Café, sharing the stage with masters of Brazilian and international music, including Grammy Award-winning drummer, Edu Ribeiro.  In the United States, he played bass with MPB and Brazilian Jazz groups, while exploring new styles with a diverse array of bands from pop to experimental rap.  Vitor participated in the Brazilian Music Institute in Fort Lauderdale, a renowned event organized by faculty of the University of Florida.

Upon his return to Brazil, Loureiro joined veteran musicians Ivan Vilela, Raiff Dantas, Ulisses Rocha and Walmir Gil in their singular quintet project, “O Quinteto” playing bass.  He also mixed and mastered their eponymous album.

In 2018, Loureiro had the privilege of attending an internship at Galaxy Studios in Belgium, one of the most important music and audio post-production studios in Europe and the world, where legendary artists like the Scorpions recorded. There, in the capacities of assistant recording engineer, soundtrack composer, assistant sound designer, EBU standardizer, and assistant quality control check he had the opportunity to work on large international projects including:  “London Fields” (Johnny Depp),” “Gent West” (Jeroen Dumoulein), “First Man” (Ryan Gosling), and “Elvy Wereld’s: So Ibiza!” (Erwin van den Eshof).  That same year, Vitor mixed the all-star, historic, acoustic guitar album, “Violab”, that features some of the most respected acoustic Brazilian guitar players in duos and trios as never seen before. Chico Pinheiro, Yamandu Costa, Alessandro Penezzi, Ulisses Rocha, Marco Pereira and Badi Assad were some of the musicians involved in the project.  

Last year, Loureiro recorded, mixed and mastered most of the songs of the debut album “Narrativas de um Brasil” by prodigy, Arthur Endo, the winner of IMAGINE Brazil. He also worked on the debut albums “Olhares, idéias e sons” (Gabriel Maron) and “Dois Na Praça” (Pedro Matsuda).Vitor continued working as a bassist while mixing and master engineering the tribute album, “Um Tributo a José Domingos”, which features popular and illustrious Brazilian singers including Monica Salmaso, Badi Assad, Vinicius Calderoni and others.  Currently, Loureiro devotes his time and energy to many areas of music, merging sonic and musical concepts. 

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Mark Brunner

After 55 years of an extraordinarily beautiful and meteoric life, Mark “Mouse” Brunner transitioned from the physical plane on October 1, 2020. Mark shared his exceptional life with his loving soul partner and wife, Jo Pangilinan, his adoring sons, Derek and Brandon, and a wonderful birth family, as well as families of friendships.

Mark lived from his heart, a place of love and light from which he so positively impacted everyone who knew him, leaving an indelible legacy of true human transformation in the lives he touched. He was a beloved husband and father, cherished friend, trusted advisor, and mentor.

At an early age, Mark was blessed with impressive athletic skills in baseball, soccer, and hockey, which was equally matched by his intellect and stellar academic achievements. With university accolades of Bronze Tablet and Phi Beta Kappa at the University of Illinois, and an MBA from Kellogg, Mark went on to pursue his true passion—music.

Mark and music were synonymous. He played drums in his high school band, Baxaw. In college and his early adult life, he played in Bontuku, Modern Humans, and Otis and the Elevators. He continued on to work at Shure Inc. while building his dream of a recording studio called Reelsounds in 1995.

Mark served as the VP of Global Corporate and Government Relations at Shure, where he began in 1989 as a customer service representative and worked his way up to an executive level. He served as a tremendous ambassador for the company and the audio industry, holding several key positions, including Director of Advertising, Managing Director of the Musical Instrument and Touring Sound business unit, and Senior Director of Global Brand Management. As well, he was the President of the PAMA (Pro Audio Manufacturing Association).

Mark was also passionate about giving back to the local community, driving many initiatives to support important causes worldwide.

Through Mark’s exemplary and exceptional life, we will all move forward in love and light, for the better.

Genesis Peace Empowerment Fund